Coin design: Britannia

Britannia Coin Design
Front cover featuring Britannia coin design on Coin Yearbook 2015

Coin design: Britannia

I designed the Britannia 2014 coin on behalf of the Royal Mint. It is the eleventh Britannia in the flagship series, which has been running since 1987.

The Britannia 2014 coin is a prestigious one. There is an immense amount of history behind the figure and I thoroughly enjoyed researching all about it.

Starting with a loose concept in my mind, I began with small drawings. Constantly trying to refine them to see what worked. I used traditional drawing skills through some basic thumbnail images. Which I then worked the thumbnails up into a composition, fitting them all together.

My intention for the design was to reflect a powerful woman. I wanted her to remain true to her feminine form. Interestingly, the foot was only added at the last minute. This was following feedback from the Royal Committee. I think this was a good addition, it gave me the opportunity to show the form of her leg in the dress, which really added another dimension to the design.

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